Adam Winn was born in Ellensburg, Washington. Adam moved to California with his family and spent his summers in Ellensburg until moving back in 2009. In 2002 Adam enlisted in the Marines. While in the Marines Adam served in Guatemala in a Humanitarian Mission where he rebuilt two schools and a medical clinic. Adam also served in Iraq first as an IED sweeper and weapon cashe sweeper. While in Iraq Adam also served as an Engineer where he worked on fortifying Camp Fallujah and built entry control points to secure the safety of the city. While stateside Adam also built homes while in the Marines for Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina. Adam has chosen Ellensburg as the place to settle down, raise his four daughters, and reinvest his hard work into the town and community he loves to call home. It is Adams' plan to bring his hard work ethic, proven leadership, and balanced approach to the Ellensburg City Council and to equally serve all who are blessed to call Ellensburg home.